In 2010, there are more children in the United States than ever before who suffer from obesity and juvenile diabetes. Most of these cases of children diagnosed with obesity and juvenile diabetes are caused by lifestyle choices. Many American parents choose to purchase meals at fast food restaurants and or reheat frozen or pre-packaged meals at home. Fewer families cook from scratch. We live in a society where quick and speedy is in. The faster the better: food, cars, internet. Preparing a meal with your family is an invaluable life experience. We learn to work together. We learn new recipes, new ways of doing things. Cooking together with your family provides a time to share stories, get advice and catch up on the happenings in each other’s daily lives.
The recent movie, Food Inc. uncovers our government’s role in the mass production of food in our country and the effect these changes have on our health, our children’s health, our environment and the economy.

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